Do-It-Yourself Leather Furniture Restoration


We've added 11 new colors to our stock color palette. We now have 15 available. Check them out here.

We have a viable, cost-effective solution. It is based on what we do as experienced professionals every day. We're not a marketing company. We're not about late-night TV ads, or internet hype. It's not smoke and mirrors. We team with you. We give you our knowledge, experience and the support you need to do it right. And, we'll stand behind it. Guaranteed.

Watch our system put to the test, as seen on KDFW FOX 4 (Dallas/Ft. Worth), broadcast April 15th, 2009 - FOX 4 News, "Deal or Dud, with Steve Noviello" segment. View the video here.

We team with you, for a professional-grade result. If your leather is faded, worn, stained, pet-damaged, has body oil accumulation or general aging, or you simply want to change the color, our 25 years experience can put a practical solution into your hands. Call (800) 541-5982, or e-mail us and we’ll prepare a custom DIY kit for you.

How do we match to your leather?

You send us a cutting from the factory swatch. Better still, if a seat, back, or arm cushion casing is removable, then send that, as the seating area of the furniture shows the most significant amount of use. In addition, digital photos will be helpful.

Don't have or can't find a factory swatch? View a video here about how to provide us with a sample of your leather color and type.

The photos and the leather samples will be enough to develop your customized DIY leather restoration kit. The kit includes everything - the application tools, detailed instruction set, "how-to" DVD, and custom-matched products. Your kit will provide you with everything necessary to achieve a professional-level restoration.

If you are unable to provide a physical sample of your leather for color-matching purposes, we do have the Benjamin Moore® paint sample color books (all current versions). If you locate your desired color at your local Benjamin Moore® store, you can include the color code for your desired color in your telephone, e-mail or hard-copy correspondence.

How to get started:

  1. Call us at (800) 541-5982, or send us an e-mail, to discuss your project. Alternately, if you'd like to fill out and submit an inquiry form on-line, click here. If you're contacting us via e-mail, please include digital photos, to assist in formulating a quote for you.

  2. Send your sample swatch or furniture component (as well as a completed hard-copy of our online form) to:

Once we've received your color reference, we will formulate a solution to address your specific problem. We'll create everything you need to complete your project and ship it to you.

If you'd rather not take the time to ship us a sample or casing, we do have 15 stock colors available. Because we are not involved in the analysis of leather type or condition of your furniture, our liability is different for stock kits than it is for our custom-matched kits. Please visit our guarantee page for more information on our guarantee and return policies.

What kind of results can I expect?

We have distilled the essence of our professional leather restoration process into a workable solution for you. Of course, you will get out of our process what you put into it. Follow the instructions provided and you will dramatically improve the look and feel of your problem leather furniture.

“This was so easy to do; your instructions are so clear and easy to follow I had no problems…” - more

Marissa D.

“…Your products were easy to use, instructions were clear, the color match was perfect, and the whole process was very simple…” - more

Shona O.

“…First you supplied me with a custom solution for my particular situation, and then, with outstanding support from your technicians…” - more

Monty U.

We're in it with you.

We provide the technically difficult part of the process - analyzing your leather, and from that analysis we create the appropriate priming and coloring strategy. Further, we’ve simplified and stream-lined the application process for you. We are here to help you at any stage of the process, including long-term maintenance considerations.

As leather restoration specialists with many years experience doing this work, we understand the issues - the wide variety of leather types present in the consumer market-place, customer usage patterns, different tannery-based coloring strategies, and in-the-home environmental issues (e.g. sun exposure, wear patterns, stains, body oils, pet damage, or heat exposure). These considerations make your project unique. After years of use, every leather piece presents challenges to the restoration process. Thus, your furniture problems need to be addressed uniquely in order to achieve a satisfactory, long-lasting result. With our help and our custom-created leather restoration kit, the solution is practical, functional, and easy to apply.

Why choose us?

Leather restoration is our business. As leather restoration professionals, we have resolved leather problems for tens of thousands of individuals, retailers, and corporate clients over the past 25 years. We have a deep working knowledge of the process. We understand the problems and pitfalls. For you, this means our experience sets us apart.

We craft a solution specific to your problem. This attention to each client’s unique needs ensures your success. By providing knowledge, processes, and materials custom designed for your leather furniture issues, we are delivering solutions, NOT simply selling products. And, we guarantee it.

?..After having such a terrible experience with another internet leather restoration company, I was hesitant to trust anyone else but I’m glad I found your company…” - more

Monty U.

?..We were very skeptical at first, and were actually afraid to start the job, but the end result is absolutely fantastic…” - more

Shona O., CA

We really are different. As leather restoration professionals, our success is founded on an honest, solution-oriented, “deliver-more-than-promised? business philosophy. We are applying this same approach to the DIY leather restoration market.

Starting with our 25 years of deep, practical experience actively doing leather restoration, we’ve invested over 2 years of research, development, and beta-testing, all the while continually fine tuning our DIY leather solution to ensure that we are offering you the best that money can buy.

The variety of leather types, different user-related problems and colors, mandates a custom solution, unique to your furniture. Joining with us, you will be part of a rapidly growing group who have shared and benefited from our knowledge and expertise. We partner with you - creating a solution for your leather problem.

“…Thanks for all your help. I've finished and I love it. My neighbor and my sister think it looks better than when it was new. Hubby said I saved us about $4000 if we had to replace…” - more

Terry L.

“…Even though your system/product was pricier than others we looked at, the results turned out to be much better than we expected. Please note that we are dealing with leather furniture (a sofa and two chairs) purchased in 1975 (more than 32 years ago)…” - more

Dr. K.K. B.

“…Our couches look brand new ?better than our expectations. For a days worth of work we saved ourselves a lot of money by not having to replace them…” - more

Sue R.

“…I have finished the restoration of our leather sofa and we are elated to say the least. It looks like it did the day we bought it!..." - more

Shona O., Ca

You can do it!

We want you to succeed. And we’ve done enough projects with our customers to know that you can.

We bring out the artist in you.

Well, let us know, we’ll give you our honest appraisal of what's possible and help guide you through the process.

Call us today at (800) 541-5982, or e-mail us, and let us know what you want to do, and we’ll do our best to help you do it.

No matter the problem, no matter the location, we have a realistic solution.

Want to know more about us? Visit the Advanced Leather Solutions home site.

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